Zhejiang LV-JU Vehicle Industry Co.,Ltd was established in 1999 year and has worked in the electric vehicle industry for more than 20 years. We are the professional electric motorcycle scooter manufacturer and exporter of the electric vehicle.

lvju distributor

LVJU Distributor

It has more than 500 products and more than 1000 suppliers

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Sufficient AS spare parts in stock.

lvju distributor


CANBUS electric system:SOC speedometer, fault diagnosis, GPS & APP.

100% Service FAST

Safety EEC/COC for electric vehicles

European standard models,Comply with EU regulations.

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With more than 500 products and more than 1000 suppliers,our factory has 8 assembly lines and a motor workshop






Core Technology
Resm rare earth strong magnetic high efficiency motor technology
Intelligent EFI system
High efficiency combustion technology
Lightweight of high-speed moving parts
Needle cylinder liner
Roller cradle arm
Crankshaft anti shake Technology

lvju distributor

Core Technology
Powered with advanced technology Extended Range system
high component 18650 lithium cells,
ADtech intellgent BMS,
Smart diagnostic system,
1000 time battery life-time,
3 hours fast charging,
2 years warranty

lvju distributor

News & Event

The city mayor visits Lvju .

On the morning of August 27th, Xu Renbiao, secretary of the Wenling Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee of the Taizhou Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province, Li Haibing, deputy mayor, Liang Haitao, director of the Municipal Party Committee Office, and Xu Yin, director of the Economic and Information Bureau, visited our company to guide the work, and Qu Bozhe, general manager of Luju Vehicle Industry, accompanied the whole process .         Secretary Xu and his entourage visited Luju's production workshop and company exhibition hall, and watched the company's fire drill. Learn more about the assembly process of electric vehicles and the types of company products. Secretary Xu gave an important speech on the fire safety work of Luju, affirmed the fire safety work of our company, and greatly encouraged our morale.         During the period, President Qu reported to Secretary Xu Luju's development this year and the direction of the company's future development. Secretary Xu emphatically inquired about the difficulties encountered by the company in its development, and immediately expressed the firm determination of the municipal government to solve the difficulties for the company, optimize the business environment, and truly serve the company. At the same time, it encourages the company to be solid in its operation and prepare for the future bigger and stronger.         President Qu expressed his sincere gratitude to the city leaders for their long-term care and help in the development of our company, and promised to turn the city leaders' care and support into a powerful driving force for the development of the company.      

Excellent! LVJU was shortlisted for the final review of the International Awards!

Recently, the final evaluation works of the 6th China Design Intelligence Awards (DIA) were announced for publicity, and a total of 327 works were selected for final evaluation. Among them, Luju passed the strict selection of innovative and practical products, stood out from nearly 8,000 entries, and successfully entered the final evaluation of the 6th China Design Intelligence Award!     About DIA INTELLIGENCE AWARD   Founded in 2015, the China Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is the first international academy award in the field of industrial design in my country. It is a platform for evaluation, promotion and cooperation of contemporary innovative design, and a physical innovation accelerator for creative turning industries and the future. The award takes "humanistic intelligence, life intelligence, science and art intelligence, and industrial think tank" as its core values, and advocates the return of design to the origin of "intelligent manufacturing", and gathers creative resources from the world, with a view to "integrating wisdom to shape the future".       The award invites authoritative experts from all over the world to serve as judges. In order to highlight the cross-border integration of design and strengthen the comprehensiveness of the review, in addition to inviting experts in the design field, experts in other related fields such as technology, business, and media are also invited to participate in the review. Every entry that has passed the "inspection" by the experts and obtained the qualification for the final evaluation brings together the experts' high recognition of this work.         The "Lvju Exclusive Takeaway Car", which was successfully selected for the final review in the China Design Intelligence Awards this time, is designed based on the huge real-time logistics market and made more convenient, convenient and safer with innovative product concepts. New type of takeaway car. Is it the end of the final evaluation of the China Design Intelligence Award? Do not! The green horse is more than that! Let us look forward to the announcement of the final results of the 2021DIA Awards!

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